The fun part of building your home

Stage 3 of the Job Flow Process is where the fun begins with building your new home.

This is where you get to choose the colours, materials and fittings selection before construction commences. We call it the ‘Colour Selection Process’.

For some clients, this can be a little bit daunting, but after meeting with Comdain’s Interior Designer, the selection process becomes an exciting part of the build. Here we work and expand on your ideas and ensure the look is within your budget.

The first step is for you to visit our suppliers and have a look at the foundation elements of every colour scheme – bricks, carpet, floorboards, tiles – and to select as many samples as you like. We don’t restrict you to a limited number of samples or range of colours, in fact we encourage you to select a range, as this helps with the overall decision.

We then meet you to go through all the samples starting with the exterior. Laying out the bricks, roof tiles, windows and render sample in a vertical position gives you the right viewing angle for your home and the colour scheme for your home develops from there. Starting with the exterior first and then the interior gives an overall flow and uniformity.

When choosing colours for the interior start from the floor up. Laying out the tile, floorboard or carpet samples on the floor works best and gives an overall feel of how it will look.

Colour schemes for your luxury home
We can also advise you on what colour schemes work best to reflect your personality.

Warm and Cosy: Use warm tones of brown, orange and red.

Cool and Refreshing: Use cooler tones of blue and green.

Monochrome: Use of a single colour and/or tones of that colour, for example tones of grey.

Decorate with White: Use tones of white and mix with different textures and layers.

Please see our Job Flow Process Video for more detail. 


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