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Knock down rebuild has become the enthusiastic catch cry of new home buyers in many inner Melbourne suburbs where out-dated houses sit on valuable home sites.

If you’re considering rebuilding your old home or you’re on the look out for an old home in your favourite suburb to demolish and rebuild, you can now take advantage of Comdain Home's FREE home site appraisal with our Site Redevelopment Assessment (SRA).

Our SRA gives you important site information and design suggestions for the block of land in the neighbourhood you love. 

Comdain Homes can even provide you with a SRA for desirable sites that come up for sale, before they go to auction, as well as helping you identify and purchase potential new home, dual occupancy and multi unit sites around Melbourne. 

Our unique SRA service features:

  • Site plan with design opportunities
  • Referencing of the site’s planning requirements
  • Ideal home orientation
  • Adjoining properties and vegetation considerations
  • Considerations for sloping blocks and basement excavations
  • Notes on size of house the site can accommodate in single or double storey
  • How to maximise daylight into living areas


To book your obligation free Site Redevelopment Assessment of an old home you want to knock down and rebuild, please call Rod on 0403 188 938 to arrange a day and time that suits you best.

Alternatively, use the button below to book an assessment.

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With any renovation you are restricted by the style and floorplan of your existing house whereas a well-designed custom built luxury home can optimise its orientation and have a highly liveable and contemporary floorplan. It will be comfortable thanks to excellent insulation, performance glazing and heating and cooling, and will utilise the latest materials and finishes for design and sustainability, thereby reducing your year round running costs as well as being beautiful to look at. And importantly, with more certainty of the final cost as opposed to a renovation.

Undertaking a knock down and rebuild can have potential hazards that you should be aware of, that is why we are working to inform prospective clients of both opportunities and pitfalls of knock down rebuild projects.

Because so many people regularly contact us for advice, we also run regular FREE seminars for buyers interested in looking at a knock down and luxury rebuild. Please go to our Seminars page to find out more.

Our Difference

Comdain Knock Down Luxury Rebuild Seminar Comdain Knock Down Luxury Rebuild Seminar
Build Your Style – Custom built luxury homes that feel like you

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Client Testimonial

“Comdain built our home to suit our lifestyle and reflect our personality. The combination of us having ideas and thoughts and being able to raise questions about these was a valuable experience for us.”

– Victor & Margarida

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