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Get the form on formwork

Posted: 7 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards
New products and technologies for the building and construction industry are constantly being introduced to the market. Most new innovations are borne of the need to reduce construction time and therefore increase efficiencies.

In the construction of the basement at our Greythorn Road home we’re using an exciting, relatively new form of construction technology, PVC permanent formwork. From the range of products available, we chose a 200mm thick system which is a load bearing permanent formwork solution for external and internal concrete filled walls.

Traditional cavity filled brickwork or blockwork built on site is very labour intensive, for a straightforward structure, PVC permanent formwork is an ideal solution. The extruded components simply slide into place, automatically interconnecting to create formwork erected with maximum efficiency. Temporary bracing is required for lateral stability during the concrete pour.

The other advantage of PVC permanent formwork is that it has an immediately usable low maintenance, clean surface that does not require further treatment. So depending upon the application, no further finishing is required, again saving time and money.

The biggest advantage of using this new this new technology is the time saved during construction. While this time saving is difficult to put a price on clearly, there are some commercial benefits and savings for home buyers.