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Looking after your gutters

Posted: 7 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards

Comdain Homes receives regular updates from the VBA (Vic Building Authority) and we thought we would share their recent timely advice on gutter maintenance with you.

Melbourne’s recent windy and wet weather is a reminder that autumn leaves are falling with winter rainfall coming down and now is a good time to check your gutters and clear them of leaves, twigs and other tree litter that has ended up in your guttering after the wind and rain.

Leaves in roof guttering pose a number of risks including:

  • Clogged downpipes, resulting in trapped rainwater backing up and overflowing into eaves and possibly to the inside of your home, can result in further damage.
  • Trapped wet leaves that sit in guttering can lead to surface damage and corrosion, with leaks rendering the guttering ineffective.
  • Potential contamination of rainwater that is being harvested from the roof as part of an integrated water management system.

Gutter maintenance is an important part of annual property upkeep, in addition to the potential for damage from rainwater overflowing into eaves and ceilings as a result of blockages, corroded gutters and downpipes are ineffective and can cause problems within walls and may cause damage to foundations

Clearing roof gutters of leaves and other tree litter invariably involves the use of a tall ladder, so it is important you give consideration to whether you want to do this work yourself or engage a professional. Anyone, homeowner or qualified professional, who uses a ladder must follow strict safety guidelines. Information on the safe use of ladders is available from WorkSafe Victoria.

While clearing gutters is not regulated plumbing work, any clearing of blockages that requires the gutter or downpipe to be replaced or altered must be carried out by a licensed or registered plumber. A compliance certificate, issued for any plumbing work that costs more than $750, provides you with protection against plumbing work that fails to meet mandatory standards.

To check that a plumber is appropriately registered or licensed to install roof guttering and downpipes, connect them to the stormwater system or connect it for use within the house as part of an integrated water management system, including to meet the 6 Star energy efficiency standard, visit the ‘Find a Practitioner’ section of the VBA website.