10 things to consider before landscaping your new home


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10 things to consider before landscaping your new home

Posted: 7 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards

Landscaping your new home is a lot of fun but before you head into your local nursery to pick out trees, shrubs and flowers, have a read through the tips we collected. Our tips aim to make your landscape projects as smooth and hassle free as possible.

Here are our some things to consider before planting away: 

  1. Avoid interfering with the building’s footings system and foundations
  2. Don’t build up garden beds around the house without allowing for adequate drainage around the house
  3. Don’t plant trees or large shrubs next to or near the house
  4. When garden beds are placed next to the house, constant watering without effective drainage can lead to over moisturisation of the foundations
  5. Your garden beds should be graded away from the house, with surface drains provided to take excess water away from the building.  If topsoil is introduced to provide the necessary slope, do not allow the soil to cover any ventilation holes in the walls. Ensure that drainage away from the house is adequate.
  6. The introduction of some water into the ground’s clay content is recommended, as excessively dry clay can affect footings, just as excessively damp clay can. In other words, don’t create a desert, but do take a sensible approach to garden maintenance and provide a reasonably even flow of moisture into the soil
  7. Under normal circumstances, when trees and large shrubs are planted next to buildings, their roots can cause massive damage to footings, plumbing and drainage pipes. When those plants are in need of water, their roots search for moisture, therefore damaging underground pipes.
  8. There is a preferred distance at which trees and large shrubs should be planted from a house.  As a rule, the root system will stretch as far away from the trunk as the height of the tree or shrub.
  9. For expert advice consult the staff at your local nursery or a landscape architect.
  10. Be careful when placing new pathways around your house and ensure that levels fall away from the building. Paths are not catchments for water and you should therefore allow for proper drainage.



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