We’re always here to answer your questions.

Building your forever home is one of life’s most important projects – so we understand you’re likely to be teeming with questions. To make it easier for you, we’ve answered some of the most common ones here. But of course, you’re more than welcome to get in touch – we’ll gladly put your mind at ease.

Who handles the town planning process?

In straightforward cases, we will handle the town planning process for you.

However, for more complex cases, we will introduce you to a trusted, private planning consultant who will manage the application on your behalf.

Either way, you won’t need to liaise directly with your local council.

What are my ‘standard inclusions’?

With Comdain, the word ‘standard’ is simply not in our vocabulary – which means there’s no such thing as ‘standard inclusions’ in our world.

Instead, we prefer to look at every home as a ‘blank slate’, allowing you to select the perfect design, fittings and fixtures for your new home.

What are Comdain’s sustainability standards?

All our homes have a 6-star energy rating.

A home’s energy rating assesses its ability to meet government-set sustainability standards. We individually rate each of our homes to ensure they meet this benchmark – as a minimum.

Do you build on a block with a slope?

At Comdain, we will build your home on whatever land it lies on. We always consider the slope of your land and use it to influence design. This means you can take advantage of the stunning views and incredible landscape often associated with a sloping block.

Do you build using waffle slabs?

No. Our stringent building standards don’t align with this method of construction. We use superior raft slabs instead.

A raft slab is a thicker, more traditional form of construction that is designed by a structural engineer. This ensures it will suit your specific land and soil conditions and importantly will last for generations.

Do you build on stumps?

Historically homes were built on timber stumps with timber bearers. Concrete slab construction has however become the new norm, as they can achieve higher energy ratings due to their greater insulation capabilities. In contrast, homes built on stumps require insulation in the subfloor to achieve a satisfactory energy rating.

Where needed, we still build with stumps particularly for homes where the floor level is raised to take advantage of views or to meet minimum flood level requirements. In this situation, it may be more cost effective and labour efficient to build with stumps.

Can I visit my site during construction?

Yes. We encourage you to be a part of the building process – every step of the way. To ensure your utmost safety, an OH&S trained Comdain staff member will accompany you.

And remember, you’ll be invited to also stay involved in in the build via regular meetings with your Project Manager.

Can you recommend a landscaping provider?

As part of our holistic process, we ensure you’ve got a fully complete place to come home to.

So if you’re interested in landscaping as part of your home build, we can recommend landscaping companies to bring your outdoor and landscaping visions to life.

What are the benefits of a knockdown-rebuild?

There are many benefits of a knockdown-rebuild, particularly in comparison to a renovation.

If you’re considering a knockdown-rebuild, we’ll help you every step of the way – from demolition to settlement.