Comdain, quality without compromise

Comdain has been crafting bespoke luxury homes across Melbourne for over 30 years.

Collaborative and consultative, we listen to your every need and desire to bring your dream to life. Backed by attentive service and the best craftsmanship money can buy, we are unwavering in our dedication and commitment to you.

Family owned and operated, Comdain Homes is part of the highly respected and awarded Comdain Group. For you, this means our strength and reliability are more than a platitude. It’s a promise.

From humble beginnings,

come great things

A family business – for nearly 60 years

It all began in the late 50s when a young Irish couple arrived in Australia.

Armed with expertise in civil construction and spurred by big dreams and determination, Comdain – Gaelic for Coen, the family name – was born. Then in 1987, Jim’s sons John and James founded Comdain Homes, a fully owned subsidiary of Comdain.

From day one, the brothers set out to create custom homes that were a step ahead of the market. A passion to build, first-hand carpentry expertise and eye for detail gave them their edge.

Quality workmanship soon became the cornerstone of the company. And over time, John and James cemented their vision: to design and build luxury homes with a dedication to the craft.

2019 Winner MBA National Business Leadership Awards

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Where luxury meets ease

From two brothers working from a garage, the burgeoning business soon became the Comdain Homes it is today – with a vibrant and cohesive team in Fairfield.

And more than three decades on, the brothers are still hands-on, leading our business, every day. Staying true to our strong family values, Comdain Homes sets the highest standard of service and workmanship.

Serving a distinct segment of upper market home buyers, we deliver the total building experience – from exclusive architectural designs to outstanding landscaping solutions.

And we do it all with unwavering commitment to seamless processes and systems, from start to finish.

The promise of a name

We are fiercely protective of our reputation – and remain guided by our moral compass in all we do.

For you, this means a professional relationship underpinned by integrity and authenticity. And by limiting the number of projects we take on at any one time, you get the personal attention and care you deserve.

We seek to truly understand your needs and desires, involving you every step of the way. You even have direct access to our founder John, and the rest of the Comdain team – whenever you want.

For quality craftmanship and true customer care, look no further than Comdain Homes. We can’t wait to create a luxury home just for you. One you’ll love, every day.