Our best tips for a knock down and rebuild


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Our best tips for a knock down and rebuild

Posted: 7 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards

The decision to knock down and rebuild has been made. For whatever reasons, renovation or selling up and buying again have been ruled out. That’s one headache out of the way, but where to from here?

Getting started can be far more involved and trickier than you realise:

Your block of land

If you are demolishing your existing house to rebuild, then you are spared the search for a new site. But you will need to find other accommodation during the building stage. More and more however are buying land with a house to knock down and rebuild. In this case, look for a rundown house with no heritage value.  It may take months to find the perfect location but orientation and block size are really important.

Understanding regulations

Before buying, you also need to understand what potential planning regulations and issues might impinge on the block, particularly in areas prone to bushfire and flooding, or where a block is less than 500 square metres. Neighbouring properties can affect what you build and where you site the house, too.

Properties might be affected by council controls, such as easements, overlays and covenants. Heritage overlays, for instance, might restrict the size and style of house you want to build. You can also review title documents and request a property report from the Land Channel website (land.vic.gov.au). But it’s often easier to consult an expert for advice so don’t hesitate to consult with us.

Your budget

Building costs are very high and experts can help clarify building costs. Speak to an architect or builder about your plans to establish cost. Balancing land and building cost is really important and you don’t want to compromise the house build by overspending on the plot size. Engaging a consultant early on also helps confirm the sort of house you want and what you’ll have to pay. People who want a one-off, custom-built house usually engage an architect or designer. Usually, if you go with a design-and-construct company, you have a series of preconfigured plans from which to choose. Each has its pros and cons.

Your builder

When it comes to choosing the right builder, you are spoilt for choice. It is really important to look for the right fit and there are many types from volume to custom design builders (like us). A custom design builder is not as cost effective as a volume builder, however you also get the same house design as hundreds of other families. And not all volume builder designs will fit on your land size and layout. A custom design builder collaborates intensively with the families to provide a bespoke design that meets regulatory requirements. Shopping around is worth your while and make sure you visit the display homes of the builders for a taste of the quality and attention to detail you can expect.

Because so many people regularly contact us for advice, we’re planning regular seminars for buyers interested in looking at knock down and luxury rebuild. Please go to our FREE Seminars page to find out more.