Tips to maintain the outside of your home


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Tips to maintain the outside of your home

Posted: 7 Apr, 2020
Auther: Craig Edwards

Most of us carry out regular repairs and maintain the inside of our homes to prevent damage to heating, plumbing, electrical appliances etc. But how do you look after the outside of your home?

Here are some tips: 


Excess water in your home can cause a lot of damage so even a small leak from a tap, under the sink or the roof should be deal with immediately. Get your roof tiles checked regularly. Replace any cracked tiles and re-bed any loose ones.


Leaves or branches clogging up your gutters also cause water-flow problems so check and clean your gutters regularly. You may want to consider installing mesh over your gutters if you have a lot of trees in your neighbourhood. 


Avoid planting your plants too close to any brickwork as the moisture from the ground can seep through external cavities. This can potentially damage plaster or floor coverings.


Australia is home to over 300 types of termites and they can cause significant damage to your home. Termites feed on wood, plastics and even fiberglass and new homes usually come with a barrier treatment [check with Rod].

Additionally, don’t stack any packing boxes on your garage floor and avoid storing wood too close or against your home. Both will attract termites and once they are in your home, they are pretty hard to get rid of.