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What I know about homes

Posted: 4 Sep, 2018
Auther: Craig Edwards

I grew up in Ballarat and my memories as a kid of our house was that it was made of bluestone. In later years, I learnt it was known as a double fronted Victorian and it was one of the earliest homes in the street.

I remember it had a basement cellar which I believe my dad hand dug when they renovated the home, I could be wrong but it’s a nice memory. I also remember my older brother convincing me to jump off the roof of the old shed in the backyard and badly spraining my ankle!

My folks went their separate ways early so we moved quite a bit, I think in total there could have been as many as 10 homes. I’ve lived in everything from 1930s bungalows, several Victorian houses, 1960s contemporary houses and even an architect designed, purpose built eco farm house – this one was an amazing place for the family to come back together too, reminisce on old memories and make new ones. Rolling hills and distant forest were the backdrop picked up from floor to ceiling glazing and several skillion rooflines within the main house.

We mainly moved into old homes and then renovated them, so sometimes I found myself liking my friends’ homes more than the one I was living in because their place seemed much more shinny and new. That said our homes always turned out well in the end and I’d forget about the times of living with an outside toilet and washing dishes in a make shift sink, etc.

When I moved out of home, I lived in Deepdene for several years and started my first renovation, which was an incredible learning curve into project management and trade co-ordination.

I’ve moved a few times, but have stayed in pretty much the same area. I did venture from Hawthorn East and lived in Alphington for a while, but have since returned to Hawthorn to another renovation project completed some years ago. Living and renovating so many homes over the years I’ve learnt the value of solid, well-built construction paying off over the long term.

My dream home would be closer to the water maybe Mt Eliza way. The real dream, having done several renovations, is to take mid-century modern design cues and custom build new to create something truly unique for me and my life. Also knowing exactly how it will feel and perform with light, heat, efficiency and how the home relates to its surrounds.

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